Road to Pudhucherry

Those expecting stupid pun as a title, kindly go and eff yourself. Anyway, on the demands of my non-existant readership, I am writing again. Also, I got a break from studies because I had to come to Chennai for my college counselling (I didn’t get it). 

Today, I am going to Pudhucherry and Mahabalipuram. Mahabalipuram has really beautiful temples. Now, I am an agnostic person and hence, I don’t like visiting temples. The crowd and the constant smell of rotten milk doesn’t suit me. Those who live in India will know. 

But the thing about the temples in Mahabalipuram is that the temples are historical relics from the Pallava dynasty (those who studied Indian history will know. I didn’t, my mother reminded me). They are carved from stone and are pretty old. They also aren’t actually used anymore for worshipping, which was a relief. The relics are pretty cool. I also got a Fedora hat from there. 

In other news, my dad went to Mauritius for official business and got my mother a pretty vase. I got dirt in a test tube. Yeah. Jokes apart the dirt sample is actually a sample of the seven coloured soil formed due to volcanic activity. It exited my nerd cells. Geology rocks! I know, crappy pun. But seriously, it’s (the soil sample) pretty cool. My mother, being a geography student (which is different from geology, mind you), really likes it too. 

13:22 I am sitting in a restaurant at Pudhucherry. I am having authentic South Indian food: Chicken Noodles. Those who don’t get it, chicken noodles is not South Indian, it’s Chinese. I am just not in mood for South Indian food. No, I won’t do review. 

More stuff later.


PS I will not post pictures. I promised to put up pictures of my school farewell but then the cloud storage limit bothers me.

PPS I will write the usual science stuff from 21st May. My last test is on 21st May.


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