A Long Useless List of Useless Words

If you are having a conversation in English, it is fun to use words that are not so commonly used. Seriously, I speak from personal experience. There are also many things that we see in everyday life that we don’t know the name of. So here is a long list of some pretty uncommon words that you will never use in daily life yet are pretty fun to know. Maybe you can even make a song like Phineas and Ferb did.

Ablutomania: This one is often confused with germophobia. It is the obsession with cleaning oneself. How is it different from germophobia, you say? Germophobia is an actual psychological condition more associated with fear of pathogens and contamination than a harmless obsession with cleanliness.

Borborygmus: Probably the funniest word in this list. It refers to the grumbling sound in the stomach.  Well, the funniest word both in meaning and pronunciation.

Cartacoethes: Now the human brain is designed to see faces. So, the word for the compulsion of seeing faces everywhere is called normal. But seeing maps everywhere? This geographical obsession (which is probably not as good as travelling) is called Cartacoethes.

Caruncula:  It is the small pink protuberance in the corner of the eye. It is very important (not the word, the thing) as it is responsible for sweat in the eyes (yep, that’s a thing and not some lame excuse by people who were trying to hide the fact that they were crying) and tears.

Clinomania: I have this. It is the excessive desire to stay in bed. It is different from laziness as it requires you to be in bed even if you are doing something. Unlike laziness which requires you not to do anything whereever you are.

Contrail: It is the long, thin trail left behind by an aircraft when it’s flying high enough for the cold to turn the exhaust vapour into ice crystals. It stands for condensation trail.

Dewclaw: It is the tiny fifth claw on the inner part of a dog’s leg above the other toes, so called, rather romantically, because it brushes the dew from the grass. It is not particularly visible but I have noticed it on Buddy (that’s my dog).

Enantiodromia: The conversion of something into its opposite. Yeah, well.

Fanfaronade: The only word for swag that shows that you have swag. By the way, even though facebook claims that swag comes from ‘Secretly, we are gay’, swag actually is a short for of swagger (which you should have noticed) which originated from Shakespeare. Swag is an internet slang for most part. So, we are not actually secretly gay.

Fines: It is probably the tastiest word in this list. It refers to the dusty remnants at the bottom of cereal boxes – particularly delicious in the more sugary brands.

Gamomania: It is the obsession with issuing marriage proposals or any other crazy proposals for that matter. Just one thing. Ross.

Glassine: It is the buttery type of paper that lines boxes of chocolates or truffles and cupcakes or muffins or laddoos, if you live in India.

The Gluteal crease: It is the place where the lower buttocks meet the upper leg. Just telling you what it’s called.

Hamartia: The character flaw or error of a tragic hero that leads to his downfall. Mine is probably not doing what is important at the time and doing other stuff.

The Interrobang is?! No seriously, the question mark (aka Interrogation mark) and the exclamation mark (aka Bang) together is called the interrobang.

Ktenology: The science of putting people to death. What? When did I say that all the word in this list will be happy and cheery like spring?

Lunula: It is the white half-moon part at the base of the fingernail or toenail. The part that you ue for scratching The part that causes women to scream when it breaks.

Noegenesis: The motive of this list. It refers to production of knowledge.

Onomatomania: It is the irresistible desire to repeat certain words. Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia. Yeah, I’ll stop.

The Oche: The one rule in darts that probably nobody is a friendly game follows. It is the line (2.37 metres from the board) you must stand behind to throw your arrows in a game of darts.

Pogonotrophy: The act of cultivating, or growing and grooming, a moustache, beard, sideburns or other facial hair. Barbers can be pogonotrophists. Dermitologists can be pogonotrophists. Rabindranath Tagore was a pogonotrphist.

Recumbentibus: A knockout punch, either verbal or physical. The roast in a roast battle or troll in a troll battle after which you yell DAYUM!

Scripturient: Possessing a violent desire to write. I had it. Minus the violent.

Schadenfreude: It is pleasure derived from the misfortune of others. Evrybody has this. It is an evolutionary trait and helps us to learn from their mistakes. It different from sadism as in sadism physical pain is a must.

Tarantism: A disorder characterised by an uncontrollable urge to I like to move it, move it. In other words, an uncontrollable urge to dance. Though it seems pretty funny, it is very serious as people cannot stop and can even die from the exhaustion that is caused from the dancing.

Trichotillomania: The craving for pulling out own hair. It can be caused by stress or bad hair.

Tines: It refers to the prongs on a fork.

Ultracrepidarian: A person who gives opinions and advice on matters outside of one’s knowledge. It kind of reminds me of someone.

Yonderly: Mentally or emotionally distant; absent-minded. I wonder… wasn’t that… Batman…

Zugzwang: A position in which any decision or move will result in a problem. Reminds me of zenga. Idiomically, between the devil and deep sea.

That was my list of some rare and pretty cool words. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me which word is your favourite and if there is some other word that  deserves to be on the list and I will include it.


PS For more word and more information on the above words, click the links below.



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