About Pee Shivers

Before I start, I had stopped writing for a few days and people had started noticing. The reason I stopped is because as I was writing these at night, I felt tired and sleepy, especially since I have to drink cough syrup on a daily basis. So, I’ll be trying to post in the mornings now, whenever I get the time. 

Now, this post is credited to Sam.

Have you noticed that at the end of peeing, you shiver a little? You must have. If you haven’t you don’t pee (which means my blog has alien readers, dayum!). Sorry, bad joke. I have my moments. So, Sam asked me why that happens.

Now, interesting part is that even though this is a common phenomenon, there is no actual research done on it. So, all I had was a bunch of theories with no actual science behind it.

Now, the shiver can be due to the ejection of warm fluids from our body. This reduces the body temperature and the body responds with the shiver to bring the temperature back up. Now, where I looked the thing up (Quora), there was a counter argument for this claiming why we can’t feel the same while pooping or puking or why women don’t feel the chills. Well, I do feel it for pooping and mind may be too preoccupied while puking to notice the shiver. And women also feel it though less than men.

Now, if you are a firm believer in only guys shiver thing and haven’t felt poopy or puke-y shivers here’s another theory for you. This one is a bit far fetched and weird but states that your thing (the snake, the little guy, the gun, the barrel, the… Okay I am gonna stop, mostly because I am out of metaphors, not because it was getting too inappropriate and weird. If you still don’t get it, I meant the penis) is used for both sexual activity and excretion. So, when the fluids come out of the penis, we feel the chills, because of the dopamine released in the brain, which is also released during a sexual encounter. This explains why women don’t have the chills because women have different holes for peeing and sexual encounter. Also, explains why we don’t shiver while pooping or puking, because we use different openings for those. Unless, you don’t in which case, alien readers! Yeah, I’ll shoot myself after posting this.

The third theory is second most plausible (after the heat theory) and says that the nervous system lowers the blood pressure just before peeing to initiate urination. There is also one, which is the most boring and least plausible one, that says that it’s because of exposing your thing too the cold outside temperature. Yeah. 

So, those were the theories to pee shiver. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me about which theory do you like the best or if there are any other theories. 


PS I think I’ll change the look and feel of the website after this.


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