It’s 10:10 by my watch

As promised, the factual post. Although, there was something interesting that happened today, I decided to keep my promise. You can expect that post tomorrow. 

So, have you ever seen a watch advertisement? The time there is always 10:10. Well, why? It is a common belief that this because of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln at 10:10 which apparently, stopped time in America. However, this is a myth. Abraham Lincoln was shot at about 8 pm and died at about 11 am the next day. So, Abe is out of the question.

There are other theories that say that the first watch was created at 10:10 but the first watch was created years before this particular time was used in the adverts. 

One more theory states that world war 1 or 2 started at 10:10, but no. The exact t-time of the WWI and WWII is undisclosed (or is it? I couldn’t find it online, so if anyone knows, kindly comment it.)

So, why that particular time? It first begins with the human love for symmetry. 10:10 is a perfectly symmetric time. Then, there is the logo. The watch logo which is usually on the top middle of the watch, is not only visible but also framed. Of course, the particular arrangement of the hands shows both the hands for appreciation (or lack thereof). The arrangement also looks like a smile and appeals to people(?). 

Of course, there are some who don’t follow that rule, like Apple whose iPhone shows the time 9:41 in the adverts because that is the time the first iPhone was completed. There are some products that display the time 10:09 which have the same benefits as 10:10 plus convey the message that they are ahead of time (although it conveys the message that there clock is always displaying the wrong time more loudly). 

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what other theories are there for the 10:10 time. Even though, this is a short post I found this question interesting and had to share it. Although, I have to admit the answer is a bit anticlimactic and it was Apple who save the day. Go Apple! What am I saying, I am an Android fan.



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