Fare thee well

I said I’ll try to avoid diary posts but I guess this one is worth it. 

Today was the last official day of school. We had a function called “Overture”. If you are wondering what that is, that is the Indian version of a prom. Overture, because Indians cannot face the rejection of a prom. 

They had programs to entertain us, and then they fed us. And lot of boring speeches. Though, there was a screening of a farewell footage. That footage was amazing. It was so well done. It made actually made me sad about leaving school. And then they did a lot of shit, making me glad about leaving school. 

I thought it would be an emotional moment for me. I thought there will be a lot of awkward crying and hugging and goodbyes to the school. But then we went to KFC and ate burgers and chicken and discussed how we all thought there would be a lot of awkward crying and hugging and goodbyes. Sam pointed out that it was not sad for him and me because we were used to leaving schools. This is because his and mine, both our fathers had transferrable jobs. We didn’t particularly got attached to the place but to the people instead. Of course, we can always keep in touch with them. Not a K.I.T. but a real keep in touch. 

Also, there was this point where we were looking for Paul’s crush. Paul is (how do I put this mildly?) a blithering idiot. His crush asked him to come early to the Exuberance to meet him and he came late. He actually asked me to help him out with his crush and I was there before him. Apparently, he had shit going on. No, literally, he was in the toilet. I and Sophie try to patch him up and then take turns insulting him after he messes up. That is a bit cruel on him, I guess. Paul, you deserve it. 

Anyway, this was about the last day and I do not feel sad. People are like leaving school will be emotional and all, but it wasn’t sad as such. If the people forget each other, now that will be sad (vide my blog post (Keep In Touch). 

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me about your last day at school. If you guys have some interesting memories from school, they are welcome as well. Also, I promise, tomorrow, I don’t have anything going on. So, no diary post tomorrow.


PS I’ll post some of the pictures from the Overture later. One of my friends, Aiden clicked them and they are awesome. You might actually get to know what Aiden’s real name is, although it depends on whether he wants it revealed.

PPS The link to the Overture video: https://youtu.be/SI8dXx_ytX0.


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