(Probably) Last Parents Teachers Meet

Today is (probably) the last PTM of my life. Right now, I am heading there. I would have tried to post this live, but then that would have been kind of inappropriate. We are not allowed have cell phones in school. So this post will contain just two parts; before and after.

Before: Damn, the anticipation. Parents’ Teacher’s meet is something, everybody fears. Even the student in his best of behaviour dreads PTM. I am afraid what my teachers will say. Last time, my chemistry teacher, let’s name him Prof. Chem, asked me to balance an equation and I couldn’t (surprise, surprise). At this point, if it wasn’t clear enough, I am not a particularly good student. And I used to be so people have their expectations. Others were pretty cool, or cooler than him. They were kind of unhappy but no more humiliation. Prof Chem, hopefully unintentionally, humiliates poor students. Anyway, I am signing off for now, I’ll post further updates after the PTM and more on my teachers in later posts.

After: It wasn’t as bad as I thought. Prof Chem didn’t particularly humiliate me though it was more because my parents were mostly ignoring what he was saying. Or so I think and my parents are cool enough to ignore it. Prof Phys (AKA My physics teacher) calmly said to just stretch my marks to 50 (on 70) and asked me not to worry about my exams and told me to walk in the examination hall smiling. He told me to prepare well such that I am not afraid in the exam hall and remember that flunking this test won’t get me killed. Prof Maths (AKA My maths teacher) was disappointed with my marks and told me that I need to practice. I made a lot of stupid mistakes. He asked me to focus on Integration, Vectors and 3D geometry. Prof Eng said that I need to study English like never before. Because this will be the last time I’ll be studying English.

As for my marks, I didn’t get particularly good marks but they weren’t very bad either. I would say pretty mediocre. It is not satisfactory, but it is not downright shit. I’ll have to try better.

I will post more on my teachers later. Leave your comments and tell me about your PTM experience, recent or past.



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