Non Sequiturs with Sam

Excerpt from my Chats with Sam:

[2/10, 13:05] Ray: The book Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has really good examples of non-sequitur.

[2/10, 14:56] Sam: Yeah. The entire book is one giant non-sequitur.

[2/10, 14:57] Ray: So much non-sequiturs in our conversation.

[2/10, 14:57] Ray: Such a bad pun.

[2/10, 14:58] Sam: Yeah. It tasted so bad!

[2/10, 14:58] Sam: I almost bungee jumped off the cliff.

[2/10, 14:59] Ray: Then almost cut the rope, to put you out of your misery. Then I shot myself again.

[2/10, 15:07] Sam: Wow. This is starting to make sense now. Too bad my kung pao chicken wasn’t stir fried, but baked.

[2/10, 15:08] Ray: Damn, that’s why Da Vinci code is used for making wine.

[2/10, 15:11] Sam: Yes and no. Sometimes bugs splat on windshields by choice, but other times the Leaning Tower of Pisa changes its orientation. Its sexual orientation, that is.

[2/10, 15:12] Ray: Hence the name Guy de Maupassant.



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