Keep in Touch

Now that class 12 is about to end and so is school life for many, I was thinking how long will we remember our friends. Over time friends just become mere acquaintances.

This a really dark thought. No matter how much we think that we will not forget our current friends, we do.

The only friend from middle school who is still in touch with me is my then best friend. Let’s name him Ericson. Eric is the faint glimmer of hope that maybe some people will be with you. But most will forget you, and you will forget most.

When I think about how close friends become distant I think about a telephone conversation I had about two years back with two of my friends, Elliot and David. Excerpts from memory:

Elliot: Hello, Ray?

Ray: (recognizing Elliot’s voice) Yes, hello Elliot.

Elliot: Do you have Eric’s (same Eric as above) phone number?

Ray: Yeah.

Elliot: Please text it. Also, David wants to talk to you.

(Hands phone to David)

David: How’s life?

Ray: Cool. Mostly ignoring studies.

David: Nice. Still thinking about her (you are better off not knowing)?

Ray: Uh… No.

David: (laughing) OK cool. Take care. Don’t be a stranger.

(Hands phone back to Elliot)

Elliot: You want to talk some more or should I hang up.

Ray: Feel free.

Elliot: Okay, and Eric’s phone number.

(Hangs up)

That went well. The entire purpose of ringing me was to get Eric’s number. You might think David would have a good friend except that he didn’t actually have any means to contact me and when I asked his for his cell number (I texted Elliot for it), I found out that David didn’t have a phone.

Elliot’s last words enraged me. I mean, talk about being rude. I don’t have any otherwise hard feelings against them. I know that it was inevitable and it was as much my fault for being out of touch as theirs.

All I want to say is don’t become an absolute stranger. Yes, you have your own life and new friends and are too busy to talk to me all the time, but a text or even a poke once in a while doesn’t hurt.


Feel free to leave a comment about what you think about leaving behind friends.


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